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Getting a Divorce? Husband Says He's Mentally Ill?


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My husband of 6 years wants a divorce. To use his exact words, "I'm setting you free from spending the rest of your life with a Mentally screwed-up basket case." He has suffered from depression and anxiety for the last 5 years. I left last year because he is addicted to internet porn, treated me and my young son like crap, and would not stop chatting with other women online. All the while, telling me that I was not passionate enough with him.


In June of this year, he met a woman online whom he has been talking with non-stop. He says he loves her, and that she genuinely likes him for who he is. That she has no agenda or motives for liking him. He said that he gets something from her that he didn't get from me; however, he doesn't know what that is, exactly.


How can someone make such important decisions like hooking up with a person with "no body," and filing for divorce, when by their own admission, they're not thinking clearly? My husband says that divorcing me is the best decision for everyone? Who's everyone? He also says he doesn't love me, so why try to reconcile. Is there any hope for this man in the REAL WORLD? Spiritually, I think there is, but I would like some opinions from those who are in likewise situations. Thanks!

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I would have to say that judging by the things he has said and done to you, I would have to agree. He is messed up, and losing him will probably be the best thing to happen to you.


He sounds very rude and inconsiderate having an on line affair, and making you quite aware of it. Run.....run now! ;-)


Take his advise and divorce him. It may not be what you want, but you can tell it is what he wants and it will only get worse from there.


I think once you have some distance, you will look back and say to yourself.....how did I put up with that for so long?


PS just noticed you were asking for someone in a like situation. I have not been. Ever....and pray not to be. Sorry, I should have read closer.


Just MY opinion. ;-)



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