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*ladies: worst physical traits in a guy*

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Now first off I would like to say that any and all physical "abnormalities" can be forgotten w/ a great personality and/or self-esteem/$$$/Power, etc. BUT for me the most unattractive physical traits are: Obesity, acne, bad teeth, and anything crusty. I think that basically with looks all a girl is really concerned about is cleanliness and healthiness.

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1. Too much cologne, it makes them look desperate.


2. When they roll up one side of their pants, leave their boxer's hanging out, and wear big puffy jackets, when the weather is hot! (Oh, and also, when they wear their caps sideways, and walk like they have limp legs).


3. Body Odor!


4. Big chains, rings, earpieces.


5. Long, greesy hair, or just greesy hair in general.

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Now first off I would like to say that any and all physical "abnormalities" can be forgotten w/ $$$/Power


And on the subject of girls,,,,this is a trait I cant stand and wont tolerate . Even though I have enough money and nice toys, I always come on to the girl as if I have very little so I can test them to see if they are gold diggers. A girl who could care less about what you have is the girl to keep for life!

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A girl who could care less about what you have is the girl to keep for life!


U have no idea how I am glad to her you say that, cuz my mom is like "no money, no love" DUH!! OK.....Money, no love.......HOW DISCUSTING CAN IT BE TO KISS SOMEONE U DON'T EVEN LIKE? YUK! DO PARENTS EVEN THINK ABOUT STUFF LIKE THAT? I NEED ONLY LOVE, MONEY ARE LIKE ON LAST PLACE FOR ME..


Ok sorry guys-) kinda off topic-)

I hate guys who use too much smelly deoedorant stuff, which smell disgusting-) I like when they have taste in what they use.

Ok then I hate when they think they're ALL THAT! And make you feel like "I'm the cool one here, so you can't say no, cuz you're nobody without me!"

Then I hate it when they make you feel stupid in front of their freids, or even one-one-one.

Then I hate it when they keep on asking for sex everyday, that just makes me say "NO" even if I want it.

Well, I think that's it...

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I hate it when guys act like they are too good. Like when guys are really good looking, but act like they don't know that. I also really don't like critical men. None of us is perfect, and if we worry over our appearance, then we really never grow as a person!


Having a good sense of humor is the best trait, 1!


Here is the real answer to your question, clean hands, clear light colored eyes and good teeth.


I hate people who look for ways to stereotype others. Did I totally contradict everything??

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MollyElise wrote 'Now first off I would like to say that any and all physical "abnormalities" can be forgotten w/ a great personality and/or self-esteem/$$$/Power, etc.' And I agree wholeheartedly with what Bryan points out. It's all very well to ask what turns a girl on or off, but to end up with a girl looking for what MollyElise is willing to tolerate would be awful. Every girl I've met as had different qualities to admire, the last serious one however based her happiness on my ability to wine and dine her all the time and pay for it. She also came complete with a mother who had taught her to be like this. When I had a cash flow problem last year she was off in a bolt. Like Bryan I will now test them for the first few dates, as I find the Gold digger thing offensive in the extreme. Come on girls...you fought for your equality....now split the bill, you can't have the best of both worlds!

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I think everyone differs in what they like in a bloke,whether thats money,looks,charm whatever but hey as long as you aint hurtin nobody go for it.

one thing i dislike is egotistical blokes,the ones that think it makes them look really special to put women down or act like they are the best,that really irratates me!!! and other than that hygiene..they have to be hygienic im afraid!!!

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i would have to agree with Mollyelise.

but if i was to also add something it would have to be someone that acts false. i dont like it when people attempt to be something there not.

and unfortunatley i also dislike it when people discriminate or stereotype infront of me to look good.

be yourself guys and well if the aboce is what you are then good for you i guess.

but thats my opinion.


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What do I like in a woman? Well..


First off, a great smile with beautiful eyes.

Second, maturity.

Third, Personality.

Fourth, Courage to be herself.

Fifth, Honesty and loyalty

warm, caring, loving, affectionate, non-judgemental....


I'm a down to earth romantic that's all


Later all



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Physical? BAD HYGIENE or lack of cleanliness!!!! And basically (not talking about looking casual, which is great), but having NO care about appearance, like an overweight guy wearing something obviously unsuited, or a thin guy wearing something not baggy, but completely DROWNING giving the impression he wants to disappear. Casual is great as long as you look like a little attention has been paid to the tshirt and jeans that were thrown on.


Second would have to be someone who tries to pull off TOO suave and sophisticated - too much cologne, gel, jewelry, looks like he wouldn't STOOP to such a low drink as beer, if you get the idea!


Personality wise? Biggest turn offs - trying to be too impressive, or talking down to me like I can't understand a complex concept - or conversely, overly attentive to the point of being catered to - I'd rather get to know someone and actually feel like it's them I'm getting to know, not some lines designed to make a specific impression.


Biggest plusses? Someone who talks to me just like a person, and is relaxed with both himself and with me, and shows it. And who's attention is obviously genuine - because he's enjoying the company, not enjoying trying to score or make an impression.

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