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She wants to be with me but

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Hello there,

I understand you are trying to rekindle a lost long-distance relationship, but the other party is a bit hesitant because of past issues.

Actions speak louder than words and perhaps she is afraid that anything you are telling her is just empty promises. You say she can't come visit you, but can you go visit her? You said that you went there before, perhaps if you make that extra effort to go to her, she will be more receptive.

Do you know if there is something else troubling her? With each of these reasons she gives you, what do you say? Perhaps you could try countering them with a reason for why you feel you two could work out. It would take a lot of effort, and she would have to willing to work with you, but perhaps you could come up with reasons for why it will work countering every reason she has why it won't. This will also show her you are putting deep thought into the relationship. Hope this helped!

Best wishes!

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