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Update on situation... and the answer is!!!!

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Most of you know the situation i've been going through over the past 2 weeks... for those who don't please check my previous posts...


She rang me on Saturday and basically said no, she didn't want to see me and there was no hope in hell. We spoke on the phone for an hour, at one point she did say she wanted to meet up with me but changed her mind. I left it a while and rang her back... i told her i was going to be at a certain time at a certain place and that i was going to go away for the day, and that if she wanted to, she should be there at that time... i didn't give her a chance to get in a debate... and i said "Yes or no?"... she said yes!


Took her to Brighton the following day (i.e.: yesterday) and we had the most amazing day together!!! Went to the beach for a picnic, went to the Aquerium, went on the Pier and went for dinner in the eveing!!! By the time we had finished the picnic on the beach (which was the first thing we did) and we were lying down on the beach, i knew we were back together. We were having such an incredible time... i turned round and kissed her... she then kissed me back... the rest is history!!! We are back together as a couple!!!!


So yes we are back together... but i know this is just the beginning and there is still alot of work to be done, i am so happy we are back again!! Deep down i know she is the one for me and i suppose destiny will tell us one day... but i know she is the person i want to spend the rest of my life with!!!


Thanks for everything, from all of you!!! I really mean it!!! I suppose the only thing i can say is... yes the people in eNotalone has helped me so much, but at the same time trust your own feelings... because no one knows you or that other person better than you do!!!


I will definitely be back (hopefully helping others and not me being the realted subject) and will keep an eye out on other peoples stories as i would love to help them out too!!!


Take care and God speed!!!

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