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She baked me a cake?

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Hi, I will keep this short, but if any info other then this is needed, just ask. I have been friends with this girl for a couple months and in that time I have never detected any "real" signs of interest coming from her, such as her staring at me, playing with hair etc as everyone says girls do. However, recently the year book came out and her friend wrote "Megan loves Chris" with little hearts all over it. I didn't know what to think about this and although I am attracted to her, I never thought she was so had never made any moves or anything like that. Recently it was my birthday and she up and decided to make me a birthday cake. Is this some some sort of sign she is attracted to me, or perhaps I am reading to much into this? I don't know many girls that make cakes for guys for their birthdays, but I could just be outta the loop. Any help you guys could give on this mystery would be a great help! Thanks

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Buddy what her friend wrote in the year book could just be non sense. I'd say you gotta look for the real signs, such as looking at you then quickly look away when you notice, fiddling with her hair or jewlerry when your talking, makes up excuses just to be around you more often and so on and so on...


Also I wouldn't read into the whole "baking a cake for you" thing. From what I've read it just sounds like she's being friendly. But you never know until you ask though.... might be left wondering what could've been. Anyway good luck!

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HI Name of the Game !


Did I advise you on your situation the other day ?!

Anyway, I think I did, and my advice will be the same as it was then.


You can try to examine all the signs in the world that she likes you until you are blue in the face ! I was in your situation, and the advice that I got was to get in there, and ask her to get with me. If it didn't happen, then whatever - at least I wasn't spending so much time trying to figure her out from a load of signs.


Don't get me wrong, body language and gestures play a huge huge part in the mating game - but many of them (like the cake) are so open to interpretation, that even the science of body language would have trouble figuring out what they actually meant !


So my advice - go to her, and ask her to get with you. Don't come accross nervous or soppy - just ask her straight out - with a smile on your face. You'll know soon enough then what she wants or not, and you will be glad that you had the nerve to go up there and to ask for what you want !!


The cake is a good sign aswell I must admit !!

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Johnny_has: She does come to my house quite a bit, and according to your posts on using names, she uses mine constantly. And how do I ask a girl if she likes me? I need a good way to do it without feeling foolish.


Charmed: Yes, you did give me advice about this and you are right about being blue in the face. Just thinking about what any little thing could mean is giving me a head ache. I believe it is time to actually do something about it rather then sit here and worry. As the great old cliche goes "What is the worst that could happen?".

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Just ask her out, nothing foolish about that!, take her to a movie or Amusment park, do stuff with her! she is obviously friends enough for that! and in doing these things her intentions and interest will become more clear.


The fact that she goes out of her way to actually bake you a cake, does tell me one thing, and that is, she likes you! so what better person to fall in love with then someone she likes?


So whether she just likes you or is already in love with you, is besides the point, you need to take action!

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