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Girlfriend never had an orgasm before............

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Ok, so I find a girl that I truly like, I am even to the point in which I can say that I love her, problem is she's not a virgin!!!! So I have never been with a virgin in my life, I don't want to marry her and never find out what it is to have sex with a virgin. Don't get me wrong I love her very much, and coming from a very traditional family that's kind of hard for me to accept, the fact that she's not a virgin I mean. I have somewhat accepted it now, but I just can't deal with the fact that I might not know what having sex with a virgin is if I marry her. I think I might even break up with the girl. She doesn't know I feel this way. I am almost 19 years of agae and she just turned 22 some months ago.




On a related note, she just confessed to me last night that she had never had an orgasm before.....But now she's learned to concentrate or something and she reaches orgasm, dont' know if this has anything to do with me, I'd like more info on this please. She claims that I am the only man she's had an orgasm with. She had two sexual partners before me.



Thanks in advance






----- A very confused man.

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Are you saying that you are planning on breaking up with this girl because you have never been with a virgin before and want to do this before having a relationship? I hope your joking!!


Listen ,i have been with 2 virgens in my life, and the second time I swore to myself, never again!!! its more work than anything else.


Anyway, as for being with someone, Love is the most important factor, whether they are virgen or not. for some reason you have it in your head that you have to experience a virgen, you need to ask yourself why you believe that! it really sounds immature.


As for her orgasm thing, she is probably "practicing solo" and focusing on her sensations, obviously she has talked to some girlfriends and they have given her good advice.


dont lose something great for some silly ideas, you will definatly regret it later.

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