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Hi I need some advice on my committed relationship. Currently we are engaged. We have been together and living together for two years. I just had a baby by him six months ago and I also have a five year old from a previous marriage. He loves me alot and my two girls and is a great father to both of them. My problem is communication. We hardly ever sit down and talk about things as a couple. When he comes home from work he eats and then goes striaght to the ps2. He never has anything to say. What can I do to make it communiable between us. I am worried that we are getting married next year and having this problem. When we do talk we end agruing over petty things and then he turns around and does say sorry for them. He says that is really petty to be arguing about these things. Then later on he goes right back to the same thing. Do you think since we are both stressed we just don't communicate? I just want to fix the problem and be happy. I want us to show more love to each other and want it at the same time. How can that be possible with two kids in the house. We never really get any alone time either except for nights when they are sleeping. Then he is really tired because he has to work the next day. Any advice is great appreciated. We both agreed on counseling before we marry. Should we look into that right away? TIA

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you need to really get his attention, next time he runs to his video games, pull out the cord, grab him by the shirt and tell him to his face...lol...that may be a bit extreme, but something along those lines will allow you to get your point accross, as for finding time alone, I understand that will be difficult, if it's possible, maybe you could get a friend or family member to look after them one night so you can go out have fun and have a serious talk about everything thats on your mind.

Stress can deffinitely be a factor in this miscommunication problem, which is why the occasional night out will be a great way to releive stress, once or twice a week will help solve that problem, this way you'll have something to look forward to when your at work or when your feeling down, try getting a babysitter if there are no other ways of getting a friend or family member, it's worth it, would you rather go from day to day stressing, or have atleast a couple of days a week to enjoy yourselves, in time this can solve your communication problem.

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