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If You Were A Poem


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How would it sound

if you were a poem?

Wouldn't it start

with "You Are Home"?


How would it look

if you were art?

A beautiful Goddess

with a heavenly heart?


If you were a song,

could you be sung?

Only angels could sing you

in their mother tongue.


If you were a place,

would you be a beach?

An ocean? A planet?

Are you within reach?


If you were my star,

how bright would you shine?

Would you twinkle for me?

Make the planets align?


If you were a grape

ripening on a vine,

Could I taste your flesh?

Could I drink of your wine?


If I could kiss you,

what would I taste?

Would all other flavors

be slowly erased?


If I could touch you,

what would I feel?

Something celestial?

Something surreal?


If I could have you,

what would I do?

I'd give you myself

and always be true.

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