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hi, i'm new here...I've been in a cyber relationship for yrs which is accross countries..I'm talkin to him online most of the time but also trying calling once in a while.. I wasnt asked for anything due to the distance prob btw us but 9 out 10 times is me calling him even though it's more costy for me to make the calls... when I complained sometimes about this, he's always saying if u'r with me in the same place, I could do everything for u, but rite now he doesnt know wat to do..

As time goes by, I've got the fact that the things i told him he seldom could remember even my dirthday..the reason for that he was explaining to me was he's too busy and had got a bad memory..and then ended up with 'dont say that plzz..I'm urs..I'm loving more than myself..'

so many thing had happened i felt r just unfair to me..need ur opinion if he really loves me or is this the way he tackle with relationship like this..

I'm confused..

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Do you really want to stay in a relationship that's likely not going to go any further? Not to sound pessimistic, but it's hard enough meeting someone from the SAME country if you've met them online, much less accross an ocean! I'm not sure what his or your financial situation is, but is it at all likely that either of you would be moving to the other? If phone calls are expensive, and he's not even willing to spend THAT on you, and in fact not calling you at all, then I'd be questioning what's going on over there. Could be he has someone there, if the interest is dropping off on his part. I think the realistic thing to do, if you can't see yourselves together any time in the foreseeable future, is to let go and find someone who you can have a clearer, stronger relationship with. This one is only going to frustrate you and hurt you if you can't even make plans to MEET some day! Good luck, hope things work out for you.

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9 times outta 10, cyber relationships don't work out, and from the sounds of it, your one of the 9, I say you leave this relationship alone, see how he reacts, stop calling him, see if he calls, if not, then theres your answer, him not calling and not remembering important things about yourself should tell how he really feels for you, which i don't think he does care, so personally, i think you should get rid of him, find someone else close to you, someone you can see and hold, not someone you can only see through a computer screen.

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