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there is this girl im friends with, i dont think it has any relevance to this post, but i do like her alot. anyways, she is having a big problem right now, she use to do alot of weed, was constantly getting high, even drove high a couple of times, but she has quit, its been a couple of weeks now, but she gets cravings, and she is still friends with alot of the people she use to get high with, and they continue to invite her to get high with them. she tells me how proud she s that she quit, but then she starts telling me how she wants a joint, and that she proved she could quit, etc.


she doesnt know, but i myself use to have a drug problem. i am very ashamed of it, and have not told any of my new friends, its has been a long time since i got high, and i have zero reason to start again, i am strongly against drugs, mostly because i've seen what they can do, and i think if i tell her this, she will feel more comfortable and will realize that she is not alone. however i do not like the idea of people knowing this part of my past. should i tell her? or should i just hope she can push through the hard times like i did?

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i have expressed my views on drugs many times. and i think this may be why she doesnt feel she can talk to me, the people i hang out with are all against drugs, they have never even tried them(then again, i say that too...). but i dont think she feels we understand what shes going through. and i know when i quit, that without the help and support of my friends who had quit, and even the friends who were still using. and this is why i am worried that she will have a moment of weakness and undo all her hard work, and as her friend, i dont want that to happen...

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