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wierd problem: about friends, not boyfriends

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There is this one friend I have that I really want to hang out with, we were best friends in sixth grade and close in 7th and 8th. She was hanging out with us, even though she was popular enough to hang out wiht anybody.


But ever since we started high school, she ditched us for another group of friends (I think she met them through band). She didn't do it meanly, we were just wondering where she went. I've met some of her new friends, and they are the type of people I want to hang out with (from what I've seen, I don't really know them that well, but I WANT to get to know more people) and my current group is bugging me a little because they don't have the self-esteem to even bother talking to boys, a problem I'm still trying to overcome! (In other words, they ain't helpin'). Also, I've had this idea that the first year of high school is about making new friends, but I've been sticking exclusively with my old friends for the last three weeks. My group is about ten-fifteen girls that were already acquainted last year.


So my question is, would it be right to go hang out with her and her group at lunch? I plan to ask one of my friend's other friends to come along as well, so I don't feel so out of place.

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Absolutely, you should go hang out with this other girl! Why not? Because your current group of friends is resistant to the idea of meeting new people does NOT mean you have to be! High school is a whole new experience, with new people. That was one part of it I loved, was making friends with people who weren't the same old group. Doesn't mean you have to ditch your current friends, but by all means, go out and meet new ones, and hang out with whomever you please! It'll only broaden your horizens, being able to meet new people with new ideas and perspectives.

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You want my advice? - Don't bother with boys/men at all.


And for that matter men/boys don't bother with women.


Males and Females are not suited. Females lie through their stupid teeth and play games with your head if your a male. They love having the power of god over us and it's sick.


Women should grow up.


I hate all of them. This is the last time any woman screws with my mind because I'm not going after anymore women again. You are all a waste of my time. I hate you all. You are all scum. You think I'm scum huh? well what the *beep* does that make you for screwing with my mind?


You know what? I feel a lot better for saying that.



You go guy! I like that attitude but I know I'll never stick to it, girls are addictive too you know...

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Yeah well it's easy for me to stick to it. Just remember each bitch that I've been interested in and how every one of them has treated me like scum. Women hate me that much I'll never make another woman feel good about herself again.


Every single woman I've shown interest in has treated me like shit. No matter how nice or nasty they seem they all treat me the same. I hate it. Why are women like it? Why play with my head?


Do you women know how much it hurts to be tormented like this? - Time after time after time after time?.


You women always complain you can't find a "Nice guy". I'm a nice guy I respect people, I treat them nicely etc and yet I'm always treated like shit. If I were to treat you like shit you'd be drawn to me like a magnet and then slag me off for not being nice.


Someone explain to me why you women treat me like this.

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Thats just it.


I'm normally a nice friendly cheerful guy. I get treated like scum for it.


I've always respected people for who they are not what they are. Women notice this, take me for a ride and then treat me like shit.


Nothing wrong with having a grumble - I expect you've done it when you complain about those "Nice guy's" that don't exist in your world.

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Incidentally I also apologise for hijacking your thread to have my grumble. It's been a bad time for me (incase you haven't guessed already) and when you see a post about people trying to go after the opposite sex you sometimes just feel the urge to try and stop them so they don't end up in the same mysery.


Once again I apologise for causing offence.

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