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ok, so about a month ago, my girlfriend got back from a trip to amsterdam. durring that time she was gone, i went and visited her in amsterdam for about a week. i came back to the states about a week before she did. then, when she came back, she told me she wanted a break from things, this is/was a one year relationship. after a few days of the break, things got really hard on both of us and we tried getting back together. she asked me back out and things were great. then a couple days after of going out, things just didnt work out and she told me she really loves me with all her heart, but just knows things probably wont work out between us. so about a week has passed, and she calls only seldom. im totaly in love with this girl, i dont know what to do. she still tells me she loves me, and she really doesnt want to lose me as the just friends that we are. i went to her house the other day and she started getting totaly jealous that im talking to so many different girls. she looked through my cell phone and saw text messages to other girls and all the phone calls i had made. and somehow, she knows everything that ive done in the past few days, EVERYTHING! i just wish i knew how she felt about things. what do you guys think? thanks a lot folks.

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well i talked to her today on AOL instant messanger. she was asking what i was doing today, in detail. and she started asking about what i was doing last night, every detail, then she asked, what girls were there? i dont understand whats going on? some people tell me that maybe she just needs time to herself because this is a serious relationship. i dont know? thanks for the help, its needed.

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Wow, it sounds like being possessive is just a part of who she is, and has nothing to do with you, or how much she cares about you.


She calls you once in a while to check up on you, only because she doesn't want to be alone, and hopes to have someone to fall back on, if plans don't work out with other people.


You are her safety net. If her heart's not in it, you can't expect her to want you back. If she's consistently making up excuses, then she's sure of what she wants, and doesn't want you.


Sorry to be so blunt, but you are doing the right thing, moving on. I hope that all goes well for you, take care.

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so ive been hangin out with her a lot recently, just as friends. it got to the point where we started to have a heart to heart convo about how things were going. she started talking about how her dad had left her and her mom when she was three years and she was afraid that someone would do the same to her someday and shes scared it would have been me. she really wants to get back together with me but she says just a part of her says no. how can i increase things with her towards letting her know i will be here for her always. this girl is a keeper, finally found "the one" maybe. thanks for the help guys and girl, lets keep it commin!

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unfortunately some of lifes hardest lessons you half to expierience first hand to understand and learn from them.(trial and error).anyways,,,what the lady that replyed to you said about you being a safety net is right on the money.if this girl really wanted you she would be there no matter what her dad and mom did.that has nothing to do with you or her degree of her love and interest level in you..6 months from now you will be with somebody new...that is unless you continue to let her manipulate you....

good luck

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