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*causes of shyness

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shy. i'm shy. i did not used to be shy.


so, in trying to analyze the situation, i came up with being able to laugh at yourself, no matter what happens. to keep a smile on your face. to be able to talk loudly and if what you say is stupid and wrong, laugh it off. talk to people. yeah, especially that, just going up to random people and saying "hey, whatsup? vote for me!"


sure, its crazy, but if you are shy and something happens to you, like you trip and fall and you aren't able to laugh about it because you are worried what other people think, then you'll cry. (yes, talking from personal exp. here)

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i dont think its always because of that sometimes its because you get with the loudest group and you generally become the quietest or dont have anything to say, from then on your labelled and then you live up to it.

it can be many things i guess, because your shy it doesnt mean you lack in confidence.


me and my twin always say..you are what other people make you as much as you try not to be!


(one day someone will beat that saying lol, i did)! miracles do happen



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