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Should i or shouldnt i? Two different stories.


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Hiya everyone, as some of you may know from my other posts i am a 14yr old boy and i really like this girl (she knows how i feel).

Recently i have been chatting on msn to one of my friends and he asked me if i like her, i told him i did. He then replied "she likes you tho ennit" asked him what he meant and he said that he had heard that she likes me too.

I was talking to him again a few days ago and he said that after his english lessons he he speaks to her sumtimes and he said to me "well dont say nuttin but she told me she likes u" i said he was full of s*#t and he said "yer no jokes but dont say i told u".

I was really pleased after hearing this because i have liked her for a long time and we get on really well together (talk on the phone for ages, hang out on some weekends etc) but i cant be sure if he is telling me the truth (he could just be stirring).




I was speaking to one of her friends last night and i said to her friend "do you think i should ask her out of summat?" she replied with "ummmmmm........i dunno" so i said "wat do you honestly think she would say?" and her friend replied "no....but not because its you but because i jus dont think she wants a boyfriend at the moment"


I am supposed to be going into town with the girl that i like tomorrow but she has canceled a few times before so she may just do the same this time. Can anyone help me here, do you think i should ask her out or just leave it for a while and carry on being very good friends with her?


Please help!!!!!!!!

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Rumours, Rumours, Rumours, don't always believe everything ya hear, they could both be wrong, your friend could be trying to get you to make a complete a$$ of yourself, or her friend may not want to see you date her because either she does'nt like you, or she wants you, these are possibilities, but the bottom line is, you'll never know if you act under assumptions, what you need to do is push the things you've heard out of the way and find out for yourself, the best way to do this is to - like i said before - get her alone, make the situation as comfortable as possible, i.e. take her somewhere nice, make her laugh, smile listen to what your saying, and simply tell her how you feel, then ask her, this is the only way your gonna know, do it as soon as possible, it'll only get worse from here on, because people are gonna keep giving you different answers, your gonna get even more skeptical and nervous, so if you wanna ask this girl out, then get on with it, just remember to make her feel comfortable before you ask, a little flirting don't hurt either , so you now know what to do, normally i would wish you good luck, but you don't need it, things will work out fine..trust me

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Talk to her. You're never going to get anywhere from listening to your friends, or her friends. This isn't about them, it's about you and her. If you're interested in her, ask her out somewhere casually, see how it goes! There's no point in debating it with your friends, since they're not the ones in the situation. If she makes you happy, let her know she does. Catch her between classes or at lunch or whatever and just ask if she'd like to go out sometime, and have a suggestion ready, like bowling or to the mall or whatever. It doesn't have to be a big deal, and if she says no, then no harm done, you let her know you were interested. And if she says yes, then you're on your way! Good luck!

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I just though you might all like to know that we are no longer going into town tomorrow, i called her and asked if she was still going and she said "i cant" i then said "why" and she said because i cant" i asked her why again and she said "because i cant get into town" and i said "why dont you catch a bus" she replied with "i dont have any money".


This is not the first time she has canceled on me as some of you may know from my other posts.

When i called her she was with 2 of her friends and lots of other boys from my school (she told me she was going with her mum to buy a desk for her room today)


Any advice or comments????????

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