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A good place to "hang out"?


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I guess that depends on what you like to do. It also depends on what she enjoys. Try to find some common ground and do that. Example: You like sports, she likes being outdoors. Hang out at the park, maybe get some other ppl together and make a game of it. It really depends if you're looking at this as a "date" or as a "get to know you better" kinda thing. Either way, find something you can both enjoy.

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Well, its ot an actual "date" its something I prefer even more, its a hang out! less pressure! more casual!.


This is why, when your talking with her, you listen for cues to things she likes, a make notes of them.


Places to hanh out, so many, and we really dont know which she would really enjoy, but here is a few ideas.


Amusment Park, this is fun and exciting and on some rides she will be grasping your shoulder. highly recommended!


Look in the newspaper "local" section, if you know ahe likes art for example you can go to one of those "Art" walks or look for whatever else is happeneing, like open air rock concerts and picnics.


The beach if you have one near.


Cruise the Malls, dont forget to surprise her with a little "gift" like a hello kitty or chocalate covered strawberries etc. so much in the malls. and gain extra points with her by actually enjoying being with her when she is looking at shoes.


yes its a hang out, but you treat it almost like a date! so talk, listen, be your self, have fun "together". hanging out will bond you to her heart probably more than anything more. its these fun experiences that she will remember about you.


there a probably hundreds of things you can do. just make sure they are fun and exciting.


good luck

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here are a few good ones:


If you have a leisure center near you then go and have a game of tennis or badminton, its great because you will be having fun together as well as getting to know the person.

Bowling is GREAT but if you are going to take her then DO NOT play competively.

Take her to a park where you can just sit and talk

Going into the city or to a shopping mall is good (dont forget a small prezzie for her tho!!!)

Go to a small cafe and have a drink with her (remember: you buy the drinks)


Or you could just ask her what she wants to do!!!!!

Wherever you go make sure it is a place where you can talk and learn more about her. i wouldnt go to the cinema or anything like that because you cannot really talk to her!


Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

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I'll just call her in a little while and see whats up. Then i'll ask her what she wants to do and if she doesn't know i'll suggest bowling


also, should i pay for her since it is just a hang out? If I pay for her then it will look more like a date, and even though I want that, I dont know if she does.

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I think you should pay for her...even though it's just "hang out time," lots of girls (i.e. me will appreciate the fact that you at least offered to pay. If she truly doesn't want you paying for her, she will tell you. Especially if you decide later on that you are interested in dating her, this'll leave a good first memory

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