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Help with convo.


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There is this girl I like alot. Last year we had classes together so it was easy to talk. This year we have no classes together. I try to go up to her and talk. We talk for like 5 minutes. Then I cant think of anything to say and I feel like an ass. What do I do!!!! convo topics would help[/code]

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I could give you some standard advice that everybody uses, but I'm going to say something weird. At night, before you go to bed, write down some things that happened recently that you haven't already talked to her about. Like what your chemistry teacher assigned, like did you hear about that thing downtowm where the guy did this thing and whatever? I think that's crazy, what do you think. I know it sounds stupid, but you can always revisit a topic you talked about before. and small pauses aren't bad, you are obviously just thinking. stick to neutral topics, or ones that she is interested in. tell stories about your day. ask her if anything interesting happened to her that day. basically, think fast, and remember your list. you don't have to ahve the list in front of you, just writing it will help.

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