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Feeling of non-existence From " Girl-friend "


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OK, this post is just the opposite of "falling in love with Friends"...it's more loosing them, Communication wise. many of you might know how this is, (feeling) of non-existence with a Quote Un Quote Friend...Sucks doesn't it.


any ways my Problem, short and sweet, meet this girl age 24, I'm 22 we saw each other alot at this club, she acted as if she liked me, until she found out my age, (me being younger of course) that pushed her interest away, So now me and her talking went to Nothing, I would call her. leave messages "call me back" no reply...? Now I'm going to see her in person again tonight, so i need S.O.S/A.S.A.P i want to let her know I'm no longer cool with her, she burned the bridge of communication, and it will never re-build (surface) my thoughts/feeling are "Null", i know she is going too come up to me like "HI..., Whats SUp..!" all happy, my question is what do i do...


A.) totally ignore her, and walk away, wait for her to follow...then tell her what i think?


b.) Don't say anything at all...total silence?


c.) Just look at her like she is fake, and not even there.


(that is sort of what she made me feel like) a nobody outside of this Club, and i want her to know this. "how to i play this hand i was delt?"

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I'd just ignore her games, act as if what she's doing hasn't phased you at all. Next time when you see her try to show off your intelligence and maturity a bit. I'm not talking about getting all philosophical with the girl, i'm just talking about showing her that you're not just about a great body, that you need a brain as well. Why would I suggest this? Because when you're trying to get with an older woman you have to overcome the maturity thing. See, women tend to believe there at least 2 years more advanced in maturity when really they're just as naive (if not more so).

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