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I really miss my ex, and have for a long time. She is the best girl that I have ever known. She is so beutiful, kind thoughtful, smart, passionate, and funny. She is now gone forever and wants nothing to do with me. I wish we had a bad break up so at least there would be some answers. The worst part is that I broke up with her, because she was still in school, did not want to do a long distance relationship, and I was starting my company in another state. We were just at different places in our lives, and I am still heart broken a year and a half later. I wrote her an email but no reply. I now know that we will never be together, and that she simply hates me. Some people say you never know what the future holds, but I know that people never get back together.

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Aww, don't think she hates you.....I don't think that ANYONE can truly "hate" someone who's broken up with them unless the relationship was abusive. More likely, she's just moved on, and that's something you have to deal with. A year and a half is a LONG time to miss someone, but not so long that it's unreasonable. I still miss my ex from 3 years back, and he wasn't even truly an "ex."


You just have to try to move on....go out with friends, strike up a conversation with someone you might be attracted to, spend time with your family.....whatever makes you happy. If you broke up with her, there had to have been strong reasons behind it. The mind tends to create a "all is well" situation after a breakup, conveniently forgetting all the bad stuff that caused that breakup in the first place. And while I'm certainly not an advocate of enhancing the bad stuff, you DO have to think about this, instead of all the good times, since it was bad enough in the first place for you to break up. And this much later, she might have moved on.


If you're that torn up about it, try calling her, just as a friendly hello. No telling her how you miss her and love her, nothing heavy...just a simple "was wondering how you were doing" call. If she's cold, she's moved on. If not, she might STILL have moved on, but is willing to at least be friendly. I personally have a hard time believing past couples can just be "friends" again, but that's just me. If you can do this, then proceeed.....AS LONG AS YOU KNOW THAT, IF SHE'S FRIENDLY, THIS DOESN'T MEAN YOU'LL GET BACK TOGETHER! I don't know, this is a very tricky situation. One part of me wants to say "STAY AWAY!!!", while the other part is telling me to encourage some sort of contact, since it stinks not being able to ever contact someone you once loved.


Bottom line......it's your decision. If you can handle her hypothetically being happy in another relationship and telling you about it, then go for it....if not, then try to move on, past her......

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