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Is this really that shocking

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Hello all well once again I have a delema and was wondering about the opinion of anyone willing to express them.


Anayway my girlfriend and I were talking and she found it suprizing that I never look at porn (and I serously haven't in like 2-3 yrs) and I'm not saying it will cause any problem but I was wondering if it really was that unusual... anayways let me know with your opinions...



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lol......no, it's not unusual, I think it's actually something to be proud of, the fact that you don't need to stare at every naked or near-naked female out there! Porn's pretty much all the same (unless you get into the hardcore stuff, which is repulsive) and there's NO shame in not looking at women and men you're never going to be with. Be happy in the fact that you want to experience the feelings and emotions of discovering someone REAL, not someone on a computer screen or TV!!

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