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how much privacy is right?


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I don't hide anything from my woman - I think that if I'm not completely honest, then the relationship is not real. I must admit that she has taken advantage of that to some distance, though. I bring my paycheque home, and we budget together, then split up the cash, etc. That's all ok with me. But today, she asked me to sign up for internet and phone banking so that she can use my bank account to pay bills etc - i.e. she wants to manage that too. I have never asked her about her bank account and consider that a private matter. My feeling is that she is overstepping - that I am entitled to some privacy - or would this say I have something to hide?


Does anyone agree with me? If I request my privacy, what should I tell her? I need an answer tonite!!

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I agreed with enadevoli!


My parents also have thesame bank acount, and its not a problem!!!

You just have to check stuff together so nathing is wrong.

But if you still don't like the Idea that she's controling your bank acaunt,

just tell her- like enadevoli said, she shoud understand!!!


I hope that helps!!!-




Now you please help me with my stuff, sir!


-I'm Gauchori- Thanks

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I'm the same way, have NO intentions of sharing my bank account with someone unless I've been with them for 30 years and they're trustworthy after that time....lol I think you're completely entitled to keep your privacy and your financial matters to yourself, if that's how you feel. She might be mad at the fact, but too bad.....it's personal preference for everyone, and a huge risk in sharing bank accounts. You hear too many stories of supposedly "perfect" relationships going down the tubes and one partner wiping out the other one's bank account in a split second. If that's distrust.....oh well. I suppose I'd be considered distrustful then...lol

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okay ima make this short sweet and to the point, there are two thing no two ppl who are a couple SHOULD EVER TALK ABOUT. one is past relationships, do you want to hear about the time your girl got gang banged by 5 other guys? I think not. the other thing is bank accounts those are YOUR BUSNIESS until you two both decide to get married.

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