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How soon is to soon?


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I've been seeing this girl for a little over a month now and we get along great thing seem to be going well for us. My question is we haven't done anything past making out yet, is it too soon to "fool around". I know she's talked about it before but that was in the first week of our relationship ! and she hasn't exactly said anything since. So yeah would it hurt to make a move?

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there is no "correct" time frome. in reality, you should go at a pace you both feel comfourtalbe.


everyone has their own pace, some people in these forums are expecting sex after thesecond date, while other people bellieve in waiting till marrage. whar is important is not what they say, but what the wto of you feel is right.


pick up the body language, you can see if she's comfourtable, and if she wants to take it furthur or if it is too far. also communication is good, the more communication and comfourt you build now the etter the communication will be through the rest of your relation.


there is more much risk in stuffing things up by going too fast then going too slow. so when in doubt take it slow.

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In general, most women I'd figure like a guy to make the first moves and would rather hold him back than instigate on her own. It makes us feel desired. Women used to dating confident, borderline pushy men can worry that things aren't where we'd want them to be if a guy isn't at least showing some gentle desire to take things further. You guys are the pursuers. I think at this point trying to take it one step further is sensible. Best of luck!

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