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Got my blood Test Results back- a great birthday gift

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Okay...so that last time I posted, I was a bit of a mess. I had a panic attack, I was feeling very ill because I was worry about my blood test results. Well, I got the results back, and they came negative on everything..PHew!!!!


It was such a great news, pretty much like an awesome late birthday gift. Yeap, I turned 25 last thursday, and I got my results on friday. I know thinking that I had a horrible illness, or something to that matter, was making me ill. I hate going to the doctors for any reason, so, I have been holding on to going to a regular anual for 2 years.


Going through worries just make you realize that things like that can put a big door stop on your life, so next time I will just keep on with the regular check ups, etc.


Now that I have talked about that, now I can tell you about the other gift I got for my b-day. My boyfriend is taking me to the Mets opening day on the 9th @ Shea stadium!!!!! wohooo! I am a big fan!!!!


Talking about other news in my life- I don't know if I have mentioned about the merger in the company I work for. Well, after months of not knowing what was going to happen, they called me to meet with the HR from the other company, and received my employment termination notice. Oh well, I am not sad at all, because I was expecting this. Plus, I still have two months left, and severance pay.


I should go out and celebrate!!!


All smiles,


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