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I have a problem, its been playing on my mind for a while.


im worried that my bf might have a drinking and drugs problem. he's always smoked cannabis regularly since i met him and used to smoke cigarettes to but gave them up. but recently he's been drinking more than usual,and i know its normal to get a bit merry after a few drinks,but he seems to be in a foul mood before he has a drink and then he's ok. he doesnt get drunk every day but more often than not he will have some drinks each night.


he's tried to give up smoking cannabis as he has realised that he can hardly think clearly at all any more,even when he's not stoned.and he is the most intelligent person ive ever met so it would be amazing to see him put it to good use.


i dont know if there is anything i can do to help him,whenever he has tried giving up cannabis in the past he gets almost uncontrollable anger and frustration. -its like he's a completely different person,and its even caused us to split up before,because he's got so angry and not seen my point of view at all. id love to help him stop,it must do him so much damage,it would even be better if he just smoked it on occasions,but its every night, and he cant sleep properly at night without having had a smoke. anyone got any advice? thanks

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Hey buffalosoldier,


Well a lot of people do smoke cannabis, and say it's harmless. I even agreed with that until a while back a friend confessed he had a problem with it, he was shaking and all sorts because he hadn't had any for a day. That shows how addictive it can be.


Have you talked to him??? You really need to be honest and tell him how you feel, it seems like this is such a big part of his life that you're almost having a relationship with him AND the cannabis. It shouldn't be like that.


I feel that he needs to sort this problem out before you can progress in this relationship. You have to make a decision; whether you stick with him and help him through, or walk, and let him deal with it alone.


Good luck.



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This is a delima,


I used to date a guy who smoked the tree's as well. After a few weeks of smelling his awful breath I took a second look at him and tossed him to the curb. And while all people who smoke are not terrible people it is a very annoying and over popular problem. Drinking and Smoking Trees is an even worse problem. I would try to get him help, and if he doesnt care enought about you to stop this, when he knows you don't like it..then i would take a step back view the situation and see if this is something I can live with or not!

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