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Worried about my friend...


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I don't really know where to put this thread, but it'll be great if someone moved it...


Anyways, what do you do when you friend tells you they they think they are a failure? I personally don't know my friend too well but I can say that my friend is excelling academically. My friend is quite young so I can't think of much you could do (legally) that you can't turn around. My friend told me that this week that he/she found out that her friends were on drugs. Came as a big shock to my friend.

I think I might be just worrying too much but this never happened to me before...


Any ideas?


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Sounds like your friend could be depressed. Is she suicidal? Maybe she has too high of standards and feels like she's not living up to those academically, relationship-wise. Maybe she lacks self-confidence...Maybe try to talk to your friend to figure out why she thinks she's a failure and suggest therapy? Sorry, that's my solution a great deal of the time. That's what I do.

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