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Unbearable sadness comes with my anger...what should I do?

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Hello. I just wanted to know if anyway feels the way I do. I have always had this anger inside me that tares me apart. Well here is the jist of it:


I am 19, married, been with my husband for 2 years, he is the best man ever. Well he actually helped alot to overcome my unknown anger, but lately I have been taking things he does for me for granted. I got so used to him doing everything for me, that when that slowed down I was programmed and didnt understand, so I lashed out in the worst hatred. Well when I get angry I can tend to get so tense that I want to break everything in sight and also get abusive on my husband. I dont do it often. Well when I do so, he leaves for the night and comes home the next day. Well the night he leaves, I have alot of time to think about my actions and why I caused him to leave. I get so lonely so it doesnt take long for me to realize what I had dom wrong. So basically after the anger comes the consequences, after the consequences comes the realization, after the realization comes the unbearable sadness. Then I lose my lid. I get so emotional that I think suicidal thoughts and I rip my hair out and beat the floor. All because I am trying to figure out why I feel this way, I dont understand...do you ?

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hello...and first things first, congratulations on writing here and telling people your problem. Because thats one of the hardest things to do, is to admit you do have a problem.


Now judging from your other post regarding alcohol addiction and this anger post, I feel that the only course for you now is too seek professional help. You need to go to your local Doctor and ask to be referred to an alcoholics anonymous group, an anger therapist management course and treatment for depression.


We here will support you in every way possible but I think that you do need professional help and I think sometimes that speaking face to face with strangers and with people that have been in your position can be a great thing, it can teach you that you are not alone, that other people feel and have felt what you do and you can see how you can come out of it.


Good luck.

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