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The Female Brain by Louann Md Brizendine


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I do not know if the book will help you or not, as I havent read it. But I have to say, that the book was not received very well in the peer review magazine 'Nature', and she does seem to have some problem with handling scientific facts.


Among the comments in the review are:

- "the book fails to meet even the most basic standards of scientific accuracy and balance"

- "is riddled with scientific errors"

- "is misleading about the processes of brain development, the neuroendocrine system, and the nature of sex differences in general".


You can read the review here: link removed


In Seed Magazine they tried to talk to some of the sources that she quote in the book, and some comments were:

- "My data don't speak at all to whether or not girls are compelled from an early age to attend to faces" (Erin McClure)

- "There is nothing in my study that seems to warrant this reference" (Ron Stoop).


On the backflab on the book, she had a note about how women spoke like 24.000 words a day, while men only spoke 7.000. As far as I know, there where no scientific evidence for this claim, and I think that the claim was later removed from the book.


In short: I think she has a problem with facts, and I certainly wouldnt want to support an author like that, by buying the book.

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