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i'm broken

gentle man

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i'm geting too lazy , since i've entered my architecture college .. i 've been lazier each day.. and i'm told that i'm so smart and brilliant , but i don't get used of my gifts and skills .. i don't know .. although i got 221/240 in my high school .. but i don't feel that i'm that active , good person .. and every time i try to do something i screw up .. i'm so depressed , i tried the music but it's not useful alway , plz ..give me away to charge myself and activate my skills .. i'm almost broken..

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I think what you need is a taste of success. When I first entered university, I got cocky since I was in the top 2% of my high school and ended up doing really badly in my classes. I felt intimidated, being in a male dominated field(engineering) and I kept screwing up and fighting with my parents back home. It's gotten a lot better now that I've found my flow of things. I'm doing very well in school now because once I got my first A, it felt so good I kept getting more. Success is like a drug; it's very addictive.


Why don't you try to be more active and go to the gym to work out your anxieties and laziness? Maybe sign up for some exercise classes? How about volunteering? Help out people who need it the most, and you'll feel better about yourself. Hang out with positive people who are ambitious. Date girls that will make you feel good about yourself.


Don't worry so much about laziness. That's what college is about. You start off being lazy but then you realize that if you keep going down this road, you won't achieve your best potential. Best of luck.

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They once told me that a talented person who does nothing equals in value to an idiot.


But honestly i had the same problem , your so talented that nothing challenges you, as a result you become lazy , and like a hidden viper under the grass, life bites you in your butt.


Life is really a traitor when it comes to this situation, trust me on it. You need to understand that its NOT about having amazing einstein talent, school is about long term commitment towards society. They want to see that you can work hard in a proper way for a long period. This is what makes you interesting for companies, or whatever or wherever you are going careerwhise.


I tell you what i did. I asked myself the question , do i want to live like a pig? The answer was no. I mean i lazied around the internet, eat sleep ,toilet, flushing my life down the drain.


Then it came to me, that i was like a donkey going in circles while pulling a tredmill. I didn't progress, i had to remove the poison from being bitten in the butt, and i came to the realisation.


- Life is about swimming or sinking.

- Life is always about survival regardless off the level we are in.


Its not just about being bright, if you have a house you need insight into the situation. You need to step out of your body, then look at yourself and say 'what is wrong with this picture'? The answer ' = lack of insight '


The bad thing about thinking you are jesus(in terms of skills) is that you stop doing anything anymore, because nothing challenges you. You become so grandeur of yourself that you forget and do not see that everyone else around you is moving forward while you are standing still.


You might not always see what's wrong with you, so keep on asking others(good people) what they think of you, not so they can judge you but so you can work on that what you lack.


So say to yourself ' i don't want to live like a pig anymore, and want to become the best possible man i can be' Life Is more of a test to challenge your abilities... set a goal and see if you can achieve it.


Thats a much better attitude then 'been there done that'.


My advice is the following.


-don’t get bored and be too stubborn when it comes to achieving goals you set for yourself.


-pick a skill & stick to it. The transitions between switching skills add up to a huge waste of time.


-set challenges for yourself. severely hate having things incomplete.


-Enjoy and have fun mainly in the constructive things you do. Set challenges for yourself and test your limits. It might even relax you.


-In financial aspect, constantly search for oppertunities and needs.


-Calculate the risks. Adapt to changes.


-work fast and efficiently.


-figure out the most efficient methods to raise your skills mainly.


There is no failure except in no longer trying. There is no defeat except from within, no really insurmountable barrier save our inherent weakness of purpose.


You have to give more meaning to your meaningless life.

This because Lazyness is the cause of failures.


Personally i picked up challenges, i start working out, hell you can always add a few extra weights on (to some extend) and i just a bunch of very hard to solve puzzles that kept me busy for months. Alternativly you could finish your school very quick, anything just don't do nothing. Its ok to take a rest period after hard work , but dont put your life completely to rest.


When your 90 and it is the last day you have on earth, you will look back on your life, and you want to look back on a happy life, not some sort of horror or lazy endevour, trust me on that.

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thanks alot , i read ur messages yesterday , and i decided to work instantly .. so , i've created a challenge and i'm now working very hard , but i'm so excited to see how tough i am .. and i'll go to the gym a couple of days later .. i won't let my self unbusy , i 'll keep working and practicing until i ..... ( no limit )

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