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how should i try to get my girl back?

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Hey everyone !!!

I have been reading a ton of how to get my girl back topics and they all seem to be saying the same thing.... DONT CALL HER!!! I take it it's the best thing to do. I haven't contacted her for over a week now. Actually I haven't talked with her since the day she called me to break things off.

I think im doing much better now, but it is hard to not call her at all...

I think about calling her just to say hello or something, but i will stick to my guns and let her call me ( if she does of course ). See she said she would call me at the end the week when we last spoke which was the tuesday she broke things off.. That was last tuesday Sept 2nd... Kinda bummed me out cuz i was expecting her to call and she never did. I did not call her at all though. Does anyone think I should call her and if so how long should I wait.. It's been a week and 3 days now.If u want to know more about the whole story read my other post "why does my girl need a break?"

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I know what your going through... i'm on the same boat but at the stage where i have contacted her back and i'm at the stage where i am waiting for her (after speaking to her 2 weeks after we broke up) to contact me (she promised she would).


Yes, these people are right... give her space and room... but at the same time use your own instincts, you know her best than anyone and as we know everyone is different and there is no set patten in life on how to get a loved one back!


So yes, maybe give her a bit more time and then its up to you what to do next... you know her better than anyone!!!

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