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Need advice about what to do


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Me and my gf went out for like 10 months and during our relationship she feel in love with me I loved her so much but I wasnt sure If i was in love yet


At about 8 months we started getting into problems becuase she believed I didnt spend enough time with her and I kinda brushed it off becuase I didnt think it was too serious I thought it was a phase at about 10 months she breaks up with me and says she never wants to be with me agian we get back together the next day and she says that I have to prove to her that ill spend more time with her before we get back officially a week goes by and im perfect with her and on the 7th day we go out to a party and she ignores me the whole time like im not even there I confront her about it and she tells me that shes just gotten to use to be alone on weekends and she thinks she needs time


Later that night she calls me agian and she tells me she needs time to be single that she doesnt feel the same way for me anymore and she says if were ment to be well be together agian she also tells me she wants to be friends becuase im her bestfriend still and that im all she has in the world


a couple days go bye of us going out with the whole group and not talking and eventually I hear something about one of my friends and her liking eachother I confront her about it and she tells me its nothing serious shes just lonely


a couple days after that were talking and she invited me to a club and I tell her im gonna go but then I decided I couldnt handle seeing her at the club so I kinda blow her off and the next day I hear about her kissing some guy she tells me it was a drunk kiss


The next day were at a party and shes drunk and she confesses everything to me that she doesnt wanna break up the guy she kissed is just her friend I just have to prove to her the couple things that she wanted and then we can get back together she sleeps over and we ahve sex


The next day after that I see her and I hear they are becoming alittle more serious and I ask her if we can talk and she says no becuase shes scared of me and she doesnt trust me......


im 19 and shes 18


Would her being drunk mess her up so bad that she would have sex with me? and it wasnt even that drunk


what do you think?


The things she wanted me to do is spend more time with her, get a job, and go to school

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I think you should always take your partner serious, unless it is an explicit joke like april fools day, you should take the complaints of your lover into account and take measures to prevent them from escalating immediately.


Its the same thing as with every problem in life, solve them immediately instead of letting it linger and escalate into something bigger.


See how you risk losing her by not taking her serious?

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It seems to me that she's got a problem... either she isn't ready for a serious and committed relationship or she just likes to do obnxious things for attention.


Personally I would be all done 'proving' myself to this girl since she's proving to you with her actions that you are not a priority to her.


I am too old for these kinds of games... how about you?

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