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Need advice on getting a girl


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I am deviding this up into 2 parts. Part 1 is the story, Part 2 is my question. Read it all if you like.


Part 1

I have known this girl for 3 years. We have never dated mostly because i used to be a fat and did not have enough self confidense to ask her out. Last year we became really good "friends". This was not what I was aiming for but I did not really know what I was doing. I would call her every night and just talk for a little while, and at school we would just really casual talks, but these were always in a group of people.

So, last year right after christmass she started dating this other guy and it really hurt me. Of course I did not let this show and I pretty much ended our friendship for a while. At the end of the summer she and her boyfriend broke up because he had to go to college.

Less than 2 weeks after this we started hanging out. At school I have a class that I can pretty much talk to her alone and there is no one else that is really there that will join our conversations with us. I have gotten a few of the "buying" signs(like i see her glancing over at me from time to time in class, when we talk we lock eyes alot, she plays with her hair, smiles, and sometimes does a little casual touching like letter our legs touch and things like that). Last weekend we were at a party together, but it was more of the normal social in the group stuff, but she did kinda concentrate on me.

So, later that night I caller her and told her that I wanted to date her. She said that it was still right after she broke up with her boyfriend (less than a month ago now) so she still needs time to get over it. I talked to her the next day and just to show her that I was being serious I brought it up again. She said that it had nothing to do with me, just time.

This last week I have seen her more than ever glancing over at me and things like that. But, I still don't know if she is just being nice (because she is a nice person to everyone). so this leads up to part 2.


Part 2

-How long should I wait to ask her on a date?

-I have never asked a girl out before, so what should I do?(should i actually say "want to go on a date" or should i just do it indirectly like "want to go get something to eat")

-I have 1st period, 3rd period, and 5th period with her. 1st and 3rd or classes so we cant talk much. Usually she just sits there and talks to her friends and I sit there and talk to mine. Do I need to make sure I talk to her in these classes to show her I am interested?

-Last, I am having a little trouble "acting like myself" around her. I know this is normal but are there any tips that you guys can give me to help me out with it?



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It was a pleasure of reading your post. It seems the girl is totally into you, and what you need is a right moment. Don't be afraid what you'll say to her, as when you like someone, everything that comes out from your mouth is gonna be jibberish, and it's okay, that just shows you're sincerely into her, not just a player.


I think if you just relax, try not to plan too much, just let the conversation flows, and it shouldn't be too hard to ask her out. Good luck!

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Thanks rvr. Nice to know it sounds like she is into me. Do you have any tips on how to ask her out? I know I will do it in person, i'm not the type that would do it over the phone or online. I just need to know sort of what to say when the time comes.

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