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relapsing is fun

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well, was invited to a friends house for a party/hang out on Friday. my ex was also invited (mutual friends). to make a long story short i spent at least half an hour watching her flirting with some guy i don't know and him flirting back. all i could do was hang onto my dignity and ignore the entire situation while talking to other people.


amazing how fast a potentially cool evening turns out to be a total disaster.


its so hard to try and accept the fact that we are no longer together and she can do whatever she wants with whoever she wants, still think it was rather insensitive of her to do it right in front of my face but its her life now.

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well just know..she is trying to make you jealous.


Its the oldest "look at me" trick in the book.


Forget about her!! There are so many women out there and guess what the next she is there just completely ignore her don't even acknowledge her presense with eye contact! It will kill it for her and she may end up leaving!!


Also if she ends up talking to you after, don't answer the phone for a while. Let it ring and it will. Then let her bring up the party and play offense if you want her back.


Good luck!

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Wow, I would say that this reminds me of High School.


Stop wasting your precious energy on her! She obviously doesn’t respect your feelings in any way if she would openly flirt with someone else right in front of your face. To be honest she doesn’t deserve to have any of your attention or precious love.


I know that it is very hard to see someone we haven’t completely healed from flirt with others. She just wants your attention and she doesn’t have the maturity to see that all she is receiving is negative attention. Some people haven’t been able to separate the two types of attention and will take whatever they can get.


You deserve so much better! You handled it well. Give yourself a pat on the back for keeping your dignity, not everyone would have been able to do this. You are a strong person and you need to know that there are many other women out there who would love to have you as a partner.

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Astaro, buddy how are you doing? Long time no type!

I guess you're still in LC mode with the ex, eh? Generally it would not be a good idea to head to an event that she would be at (I understand the whole LARP thing and the fact that she lives accross from you) but is there anything that you can choose to do that does not have her there?

I think obviously she could still be trying to get back together with you and if memory serves me correct she tried a couple of times.

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well, first of all i am moving within the next month (just need to find a GD place) so being neighbors will no longer be an issue.

the ammount of contact we have is slowly diminishing. i am over all doing fine i guess, lots of self observation.


i am going to be ok, i guess part of me will allways put others feelings ahead of my own at times, but its been like that forever, i think its a part of my personality i will just have to learn to live with.


Edit - yea, i stepped away from these boards for a while, had to get some distance from this in order to see how to implement the things i understood. still a loooong way to go

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