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is it possible to loose your privalege to great orgasms?....


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Hi, Iv been with my b/f for almost 2 years , at least a year of that we have been having sex. Before I lost my virginity I was very orgasmic (I mastubate and did fantisize) 16 orgasms in a row was definitely cool but not abnormal to me and reaching orgasm was easy I mean wow all I had to do was pretty much think about it and it happened, I fantisized and I cant seem to do that any more I try all the time and even if I do its more like an idea of some thing I want to do , not this wild thing that used get me aroused , also it seemed I was more sensitive , I am emotional more sensitive now than before but I think when it comes to sex it feels different, I enjoy sex very much and I think I have the most awsome guy who cares and have cum a couple of times through hard sex , just pounding till we get there and even manualy stimulating my clit at the same time with all that and nipple stimulation(which before I could have orgasms off of alone) and I think I have had maybe two orgasms and maybe really only tried(as a couple ) 4 times but before it was like I couldnt even be in the same room with a washing machine or dryer going if I was already "in heat" and if other ppl were in the room it was embarrassing, although I dont think anyone (if anyone was there ) ever realized it. The thing is it never really bothered me that I didnt have orgasms during intercourse until I read this book and the idea of the whole book was that any one could have orgasms 5 minutes into sex every time, but when it comes down to it , the 5 minute things is only if you can masterbate and get off that fast but it takes me longer now, used to just 30 seconds and as many as I wanted , I have found my G-spot but it dosent do me alot of good other than it just feels nice.anyway, I read this book and it says that girls and guys get off at about the same time (with in 5 mins) its just girls arent directly stimulated and guys are during sex and this bood spent most of the time saying as wemon we are aloud to enjoy sex , wel duh its 2003, and I cant even get off by myself that fast , maybe once in a blue moom but not normaly (now anyway)so during sex we both tire out before I get off and he isnt a minute man himself ok one time he did it in one minute but that was a quicky (real quick)but usualy he can go and go like the energizer bunny, when I didnt care before because we have great sex after reading that book I really do care and wish I could orgasm like a virgin again . so any one please help me, its hard to have a good thing and then have it taken away

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well, the problem may be that you are simply not as sensitive as you used to be for a few reasons, like you have been de-sensitized to sex and dont find the idea of being naked as stimulating. or maybe you have had so many orgasms by masturbating that your g-spot has formed a little more skin so its not as sensitive. just a few thoughts. maybe you should lay off sex for a little while.

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