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She's so Jelous!

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Ok. I love my Bestie so much,

But ok, I go to tafe with her girlfriend two days a week, so yeah of course were closer but were not besties, She has her bestie and i have mine. Ive told my bestie that so much


Now she just wont tell me anything anymore, gets upset when i talk bout tafe and all this kinda stuff and its so fustrating


Cause i love tafe and the people there so i talk bout it alot but why wont she trust me?


Does anyone have any advice for me?

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Don't make her jealous.


You are feeding her with insecurity. For stories sake let's say we are married, and i constantly tell you how beautifull the woman next door is, she is oh so sexy and oh so perfect, she is wonderwoman. Where does that leave you in our marriage? Second best to non if you ask me.


If Tafe is so wonderfull why would you need your bestie? Or in other words she is feeling that she is losing her position in the relationship and this is making her feel insecure.


Just like i would prefer to go with the woman next door, she has the feeling you might be pursuading a relationship with Tafe, and this excludes her of having anything to do with you.


So do you see how you brought this all up on yourself by talking about how wonderfull other woman are,like for you it seems all normal, but inreality you are only feeding insecurities to your partner. So what you should do, is to always make your partner the nr.1 in your life.

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