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help me not screw up.....hold back....everything!


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so i got together with a girl i REALLy like last night. we hung out at her place for 5 hours...had some drinks. AWESOME time. nothing awkward. no breaks in conversation.


we get along extremely well. i don't want to screw this up.


we glanced at her final university assignment for a half hour or so and i have been trying to help her with it.


to sum up the positives:


1.she wanted me to go with her to her sisters birthday tonight (i couldn't)


2. she wanted to get together on the weekend (i am busy again)


3. she wants to do something next week.


4. wants me to go to her birthday on the 15th.


5. agreed to go with my friend and his girlfriend to a concert in a couple weeks.


6. called me 3 times for help on that assignment today...and a text msg.



here is were i need help


How do i proceed? I don't want to fall into being her friend and just keep hanging out. girls help me. if you were putting yourself in these situations would you do it in the mind set of trying to be "friends"?


we met once on a video shoot...i liked her ,so started emailing her. then called her and hooked up to meet a couple days later.


i can't stop thinking about her. help me. any advice on how to proceed. i am so nervous i will screw it up or that she will think its a friends thing...maybe i just have no confidence.



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Maybe cancel one of your plans to give her a feeling of importance? Then see how she acts when you spend that time together. I would also just be direct about how she makes you feel and how excited and engergized you get when you're together. "I feel so alive today!" or something in more appropraite terms.

I think people are attracted to directness and energy - so give it a shot. It might motivate her to be more direct with you.

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If you don't want to become one of her buddies, then put the moves on her! I don't mean anything drastic, but get really flirty and maby even ask her out on an official date. Could it hurt? What can she do? say no? then what? just be friends? so if you can handle just being friends, then you have nothing to lose by going for it! if you get turned down, you'll be friends! but by the sounds of it i don't think that she wants to be only friends. i guess it depends on how you two act around each other. you should have an incling (gut feeling if she only thinks of you as a buddy. trust your gut)

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thanks for the help thus far.


i would say my biggest problem is i have not been in a relationship for two years (long story of getting burned by my girl of 5 years).


with this girl i feel like i am holding back everytime i don't talk to her. i have this insane urge to want to see her every minute.


we clicked so well.


i am going nuts not talking to her. i just want to hear her voice...i am not as desperate as it sounds...just over excited!

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The most effective way to make sure she knows you are attracted to her as more than just a potential friend, is to compliment her in a sincere way and get that word "date" in there.. for instance next time you see her, or talk to her.. just say something about the time you spent together, like: "You're doing a great job on this assignment, once your done with it, I'll have to take you on a nice dinner date to celebrate, is there a restaurant you really like?".

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