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optometric assistant/dispensing optician.

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if you know anything about this job then please read on! I'd like to know why they offer you to take this in schools if they train on the job??? whats the point of the schools then??? and does anyone know where they top off with their pay?? is better in private clinics? or stores like lens crafters? how much is the job advancement and pay raises??

I found stuff online, but I'd rather hear from people who actally do it or know those who have done it.


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Hi there,


My best friend is a dispensing optician. Not sure if this applies in your country (im from australia). Its like most other subjects studied - you could walk straight into the job with no training and they will train you. Or you could already be trained to do it. If you have the training at school then you would get much more money than if they need to train you, having experiance or qualifications also make you a more attractive candidate.


The pay is really good, he started on something really low like $28k but he has finished his training and is now on around $50k. I don't think he would be getting any pay rises above 3% and there is nothing that he can really advance to.


Over here the pay and conditions are better in upper class stores rather than private clinics. But from what my friend tells me the private clinics treat their staff better.


Hope this helps

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