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padded bra addiction: the round stomach dilemma


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i have a decent sized bust, but i like to wear my padded bra because i have a round stomach, and i feel my bust should stick out quite a bit from the edge of my stomach.


like, i don't mind the layer of fat on my belly, but even if you stripped all that away there would be something sticking out, it is just the shape of my stomach. i've recently been trying to to do situps, but i dun have a routine or anything. also it is rounder after eating, of course.


is it alright to wear the padded bra and stop stressing over it? it looks natural, no one even notices but me. but my friend did notice my stomach and she thinks i should work out a lot, but i don't have the stamina, well i mean i've never tried.

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Feel free to wear a padded bra... it's not a big deal. If it makes you feel more confident then why would it be wrong?


Despite what ocs virus said, sit-ups DON'T 'flatten' a rounded stomach-- they strengthen the abdominal muscles, which lie underneath the layer of subcutaneous fat that most people have in the stomach area. thereforeeeee, the effects of sit-ups will be hard to discern unless some of the body fat is burned away, and the only way to do that is through healthier eating and aerobic exercise. So.... you can knock yourself out doing sit-ups but that's really not the effective solution!


All things considered, I think it needs to be mentioned that you're lovely just as you are! Only make changes if it will make YOU happy!



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oh yeah that is right I forgot they will only make the stomache bigger and bulgier. listen to her she knows what she is talking about. But what you could do is ask a gym trainer. If I remember right doing quick non-strenous exersize is the way to burn fat. then after you burn fat to build muscle you do hard exersize. {I am pretty sure that is the way it goes, but you might wanna ask around LoL}

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