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my name is |OCS|Virus and im....


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today I have come to realize that I need a little help in a more serious matter then I have posted before. I want to stop masterbating, but I don't know if I can. The reason for this is last time I said those classic words "I can stop anytime I want to" what a clechae huh? Does anyone have any tips that will help me not get the urges all-together? I have herd that exersize helps, but is there anything else? Please respond with any advice you may have.



-thanks |OCS|Virus

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I find the only good way to stop (for a few days anyway) is to hook-up with someone.



there are three things that come to mind that this could mean would you care to expand on the LoL I'm not sure which one you mean, I assume you mean get a girl to have sex with me LoL but I am not possitive.

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uuhhh.. you cant orgasm because....? anyways I dont want to because I may be getting addicted, and want to be able to blatently control my baser instinct at my own will X} LoL its not really that, but I want to prove to myself that I can control myself if I want. that is why, but I gotta ask agian LoL why cant you have an orgasm?

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