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Is My Friend Confessing Bisexuality Just for Attention ?

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I have a friend who grew up in the same church as I did. Yet for the last couple of years, while attending church, he has been involved in homosexual sex.


He keeps going in cycles where he "confesses" his "sins" and declares himself free from it, but then goes right back to the homosexual lifestyle.


Worse, he seems to be doing all these confessions just so he can get attention. WHen he confesses, it doesn't seem to be so he can start a new life, but his real motivation seems to be just to shock people in the church so he can get attention. It's really weird to explain, but it's almost if he uses his homosexual behaviour to shock people so he can get the attention he craves.


This really bothers me, because it is both a betrayal to both Christianity and to the homosexual lifestyle. By using his homosexuality just to shock people into giving him attention, he is actually demeaning homosexuals who are proud of thier lifestyle.


This just really bothers me. Does anyone here have some thoughts ??

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I know "girls" who use the term "I'm bi" for attention from guys. Or will even kiss another girl in front of guys to get attention. But haven't seen too many guys do that. Not to say they don't.


You really think he's going to face being ridiculed and looked "down upon" just for attention? He's obviously struggling with his own sexuality, and that is not your business, or anyone in the churches business.


If anything it sounds like he needs a good friend to confide in.


And please don't state he's going against ANYTHING (Christianity). I don't mean to sound crude, but I'm really sick of people using the bible for their own opinions/judgments of others. He might be going against what YOU believe in. If he is bi or gay, does that mean he's not a "true" Christian? I have very stern Christian folks on my mothers side of the family, and they love and accept all. That to me, is what a Christian stands for.

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Well, no its not for acceptance, because he knows his friends accept him regardless of whether he is gay or not.


I mean, myself and all our circle of friends will still be there for him, regardless of whether he is gay.


But he keeps going on and on about his homosexual adventures, as if he is proud of seeing how much he can try to shock us...and when he sees that we don't care, he adds more and more details, just to see if we will be shocked by that....


the point is my friend has some attention problems...or narcissism. He wants to be the center of attention..

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Thats the point !!!


People in the church really aren't shocked by his so called confession. Last time we met one of the church members reminded him that homosexuality is just like any other "sin" and that everyone in the church "fights thier own demons." In other words, my friend is trying to shock everyone, but no one is really shocked, because we all have issues we struggle with.

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I've been following this thread a little while- I still don't understand what the issue is. I can't possibly imagine that someone would pretend to be bisexual. In this society it's still a disadvantage to not be straight, and no sane straight person wants to be thought bi or gay. I'm sure this person is really truly bisexual.


I guess I don't understand what your concerns are.

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It sounds to me like he wants a higher level of acceptance from the social circle he is involved in, namely you - and his church.

You say accept him, but then you say you don't care when he tells you about his activities. How do you mean you don't care? Apathy is the opposite of love, in my opinion.

Can I ask you a question - do you and your friends believe that homosexuality is a sin, and that your friend is going through a phase? Do you accept his sexuality on the basis that it is a sin (and everybody, as you say, has sin), and that God will forgive him?



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Have you ever thought that maybe he is attracted to guys, and not doing it for attention. But he feels guilty and confesses his sins because of his faith.


And your saying betrayel of christianity...


1)You cannot betray something you don't know is there


2) If it is there I'm sure god (yes..no capital letter) loves him regardless


3) Where does it actaully say in the Bible an exact quote of either 'Gay is wrong' or 'Jesus hates the gays'



How dare you accuse him of bieng an attention seeker...He's blatently confused


p.s I apologize if I have blasphemed or caused offensive, I'm just plain and simply an atheist.

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