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he wanted to see some other girl

Blue Skittles

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Boy do I ever feel STUPID right now.


So I talked aboutt his guy before. Story in a nutshell we started dating but still seeing other people, he started off all sweet-talking and then stops all of that, then disappears for a few days.


Well, I was just in the process of letting him go, went out on another date, then i get a phonecall from him saying "I'm sorry I haven't called you, I want you to come see me on your way up. I've just been mixed up about my feelings and now I know I want to see you"


So I said, ok, I would stop in for a few hours, and that was all I could do, he was a bit disappoitned on that but still said to come see him. So I did. Well he treated me so nice and a few hours turned into 2 days. We had a good time but I was getting sick and well he went to all ends to "take care of me". He seemed genuinely worried. He didn't want me to go. He said he didn't want me to drive on the highway the way i was feeling. I was gonna go anyways but he said to stay there and let him take care of me.


I didn't sleep with him, didn't even sleep in his bed, and that turned into a bit of an argument at one point. Not really an argument but he was trying to convince me to sleep with him. I was unconvinced.


The next day I said I had to go even though i was feeling really sick I had to go see my family. He was nice about it and asked me to stop in on his way back. OHHHHh and while i was there we were watching a movie together and this girl called, and i asked him who it was and he asid "that was some girl, i'll be honest with you, shes another girl i met on the internet and she really likes me but I told her about you and that I want to see you"


OK so on my way back i stopped in to see him again and he told me he was feeling really confused and that he wanted to stay with me but he really needed to go meet this other girl because his feelings were so mixed up and he wanted to know. I told him straight out he could go do what he wanted, go meet this girl, but i'm not going to stick around and wait for him. Well he nearly started crying. THen I put on my jacket and said I was going back, and he said "can i still talk to you?" and i said "you know what? You call me, when you make a decision, and not until then". i was on my way out the door and he says "don't i get a hug?" with these big puppy dog eyes and well i gave him a hug and he held me tight in his arms for 5 minutes and said he didn't want this to happen. And then I left.


Thats my story. I don't know why i am not goood enough. My own parents won't even talk to me. They haven't talked to me in 3 months. Now it seems this is one story after another with guys. I hate to complain so much i have a lot going for me a new car, and a good job, and great holidays, and super supportive friends, and i've even lost 20 pounds since christmas. I feel good about myself. I just seem to keep getting burnt by guys.

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holy moly this one guys situation and you is JUST like what i went through. UGH. and it was SUCH a rebound. so you could think about that. i had a tough time believing it cuz the first time they talked they talked about marriage believe it or not.


anyway, what i'm trying to say is that NC really is the best way to go. forget about him, he doesn't deserve your time right now cuz he's only gonna hurt you even if he doesnt mean to. one day you will get a guy who is worth you. good job good friends...eventually. it'll come. just maybe you're getting these bad guys out of the way so you can REALLLLY appreciate it when the GREAT guy comes around.


i dunno...just saying some things that i have been told and a lil from experience. hope it makes a bit of sense...

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He's probably feels "confused" because he likes you, but you didn't sleep with him. I'm sorry to say, but I wouldn't hold my breath on him. He sounds like he's going to be a good guy in a long run.


In this whole matter of people feeling they are confused or can't decide between you and someone else, I would have nothing to do with them. If they don't know they definitely want to be with me, without the whole decision drama, then I'm not interested.

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I think it's great you told him not to call you unless he's made a decision. It shows you have respect for yourself and you're not waiting around in some wishy washy situation. Good for you!


Well done on your achievments and recognising what is good in your life. It can't be easy being in conflict with your family and having this bother too.


All the best!

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I know you're going through a tough time with your family and rejection. But this flakiness that this guy is exhibiting has nothing to do with your value. This is who he is, not you. This guy would be this with a lot of people. Please dont' take it personally. And I wouldn't bother with him if he does call you back, even if you'd really like a boyfriend. He started this wishy washy, he'll end even worse. Like another poster said, it's unnecessary drama. Move on to someone who knows what they want.


Continue to feel good about yourself. You've got a lot going for you and just work on improving yourself and your life. The right one will come along and make you forget the retards in between. Don't settle for one of them. You'll never meet a good one that way.

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Not to worry - I've spent A LOT of time thinking about it today... and I'm definitely not ever going to take him back even if he does call again. I'm done with him. Completely. I want to be with a guy that KNOWS he wants to be with me. Well, at least I got a free hockey jersey out of the deal. and a few free dinners.

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