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I like to go out and get obliterated sometimes, my girlfriend hates it, will it work?


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Title says it all.


My girlfriend does not drink and is totally against it.


She knew coming into the relationship that I drank. But the past few years I've cut down my drinking a ton to please her.


I'm not an alcoholic or anything, but once every month or two, I like to go out and get smashed with my friends. She hates it.


In turn, she will go out with people from work (only guys) just to try to "get even."


I know she makes sure it's just guys just to try to make me not go out and drink again, but all she is doing is making me want to go out more.


Will this ever work?

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That frequency would be a deal breaker for me. Once every 10 years, maybe. Instead, why not go out with the guys but just have one or two drinks - enough to be social and that's it. Find other ways to let off steam - go running, take tae kwon do, go swimming, etc.

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She doesn't sound very understanding.... and you are right.. she knew this before she started the relationship with you.


If its important to you to be able to go out and get smashed every once in a while, wouldn't it be better to do that with your girlfriend , or at least have a girlfriend who is OK with it.


If its causing too many problems, it just doesn't sound like you are very compatible. Neither of you should have to change for each other to the point that you feel you are giving up something you enjoy.

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