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Deos she like me or not?

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I've known this one girl since the sixth grade and out of all of our former classmates, I'm the only one that she still talks to. We've been close friends but, whenevr I bring up starting a relationship, it's always no. I'm not really sure the reason why either. If you have advice, please send it.

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Of course she likes you. As one of her best friends! Be happy with that, and move on. By the laws of probability, there has to be at least one or two other girls who would love to go out with you! (Even if you are the ickiest guy in school, I myself have been strangely attracted to them. Well, not the ickiest guys, but the guy with acne and a unibrow.)


By concetrating too much on one girl, (and being rejected more than one for your efforts), you aren't opening your eyes to other possibilities that could work as just as good, or better.

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