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In love with a 12 year old girl im 18

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Hello to everyone. First of all I would like to tell how everything happened. This summer I went on vacation to my country where I was born, over there I met this girl who at first I thought was really cute and attractive. She has blond hair, green eyes, nice body. At first I didn't really think that she was 12 because she looks older. She is also very intelligent and mature for her age. One day I went to visit a cousin of mine and she came with me, during that time we were just friends but nothing more. My cousin out of nowhere asked her when I wasn't near if she liked me and she said yes. Of course he told me and well after that I asked her personally just to see what she would say and she didn't want to tell me at first but she confessed in the end. As the days passed it was harder and harder to get her out of my head. Pretty soon we were spending alot of time together and we would fool around. We would hold hands and stare at each other for what seemed to be the longest time in the world. The day came to return and she wanted to give me something to remember her by so she gave me a kiss. Now after that there is not one day that I don't think about her and I can honestly say that I'm in love with her. I know that she is only 12 going to 13 and that some people may think the worst when they read this but I have the best intentions with her. Well I would just like to hear your opinion on this matter.

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my first instinct is ARE YOU NUTS!?!?!? but I have herd of this before, there are three things you must understand


1. the difference between you two is you know what love is she doesnt


2. she lives in a different country and will be VERY hard to keep a long distance relationship


3. there is always the possibility someone may accuse you of doing things to her which is always bad


but as long as you both keep your clothes on I dont see the harm.

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Hey I understand your problem, I think.

Is she is mature anough thaty she looks like she is at least 15 or 16? And intellegent and stuff, I don't think you should worry, but 12 is too young.

Now I've been in kinda the same situation. I'm 16, he was 23.

In my opinion, if you're in love with her, and want to just be near her, I think that's ok, but can you wait until her inside body is mature enough for you know what? Cuz noone can wait if he/she is really in love. But if you can, I don't think there is anything wrong with having her as a girlfriend.

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aren't there legal issues with this?....anyways, she is only 12, which means she still has a lot of growing to do & maturing, even if she already is very mature. in the next years, she will be changing. i know, & i think everyone can relate, that i don't think the same from when i was that young. my personality & much more has changed about me. i guess it could be possible, but i doubt that she is the one. hmm...im not sure, but i keep thinking about my little brother, he is that age, i couldn't imagine him being in love, but whatever. i dont know what to think about this...

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same kind of thing i'm being presented with, except it's the girl liking me..


My age 22, She is 16....she tried to make a move on me last night, I pushed her away, I thought about WHY...she wanted to have sex. Well I'm not the type of guy and Plus I'm still a virgin. Umm yea i know that seems a little sad, trust me it wouldn't be a problem for me to Loose it, But i don't, especially to a 16 yr old, she told me all these stories about her sexual partners, and i didn't enjoy hearing it too much, but i never said anything, I asked why so many guys. She said its a Feeling of being loved. (again i say, Girls sometimes (when young) mistake sex for love) she obviously thought i wanted to have sex with her, b/c i was sort of having a Deep conversation about sex with her, b/c i was curious about that. since I'm, still a virgin.


I've asked people in here before why are girls attracted to older guys...?

I guess the same can happen for guys too. like in your case. I would think about this for a Long Minute..and try to get control of these thoughts, Loving someone is more than just meeting them for the first time, you can Love some ones First Impression. if it's Lust (being physical) than yea every guy gets that feeling, Or most of us any ways.. nothing wrong with that at all. my friend she seems a Little Young, that age gap is like a little to much, don't ya think.....Maybe what other people might think about that...you wouldn't want someone making presumptuous remarks, or false accusations about you 2 being sexually involved, like one post said, Legal matters....that would be a Real problem if that happened. just give it some thought, i think you will come to your senses...

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Love is very confusing! Yea, u like each other but she is soo young and her liking you doesn't mean she's found her soulmate alreay! You mistook her once and that's enough dont mistake her again. She is young, and is still learning and expirencing. I'm not saying it's horrible that you like her but understand that things happen so it may not last long! I hope it helps but it may not just remember that some people get married to people 10 or more years younger! You are not alone! I suggest you find someone like that and talk to them! Hope it helps! ~*~Crazychicrs~*~

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my opinion... a bad case of wanting the "forbiddin fruit" so to speak.. you enjoyed a new experience with her, and what you like most about her are probably aspects that allow u to reminisce about ur childhood... you know you can't see her and it would be wrong, which elevates your wanting to a level you describe as love.. I'm no psycologist, but I'm in a similar situation of wanting something impossible and I finally arrived on the forbidden fruit theory.. this wont really help with how you feel, just lettin ya know i think i understand..

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I'm all for age gap relationships, I've been in them myself, but 12 years old?? She's not even a teenager, I'm sorry but I think she needs to be able to grow up and enjoy her young years.


I don't understand how you can say she has a good body, she's not even grown.


Thats just my opinion, if you really do care for her, then wait.



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Well, I can certainly see where you're coming from...I'm currently together with a guy who is nearly 20, and I'm 15. We love each other very much, and things are great. Both of us have to endure a lot of ridicule from our friends for being involved in a relationship of this nature, however. Assumptions are always made that he's trying to "take advantage of me," (which he isn't) etc.

Be mindful of what she might have to put up with at school, especially if she's 12, many kids might not even be involved with relationships of any kind and certainly wouldnt understand this one.

Also, what do her parents think of the relationship? Have you met her parents before? At 12, parental approval is VERY important, especially with long distance relationships (oh, I don't think I mentioned this earlier, but my boyfriend lives about 3 hours away from me).

Remember that a large aspect of maturity is also about experience, and at 12 years old, your girl hasn't even hit high school. She's also the age where a lot of mental changes are going on...it's hard to have a "set" personality without having had certain experiences (i.e. high school, college, etc.)

I think as long as you're mindful of all of these things and you don't do anything "illegal," the only thing really to be concerned about is the distance!

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Love is not defined by age. If you love her, wait. Wait until she's legal, until her body and mind have had a chance to develope. You know everyone changes at different stages in their life. We never stop.


If you love her be there for her, but remind yourself that your relationship should really be limited in the physical aspect. What ever happens to young girls affect them for the rest of their lives, more so than when they are older. How you treat her now is how she will view men for a very long time.


Show her your a man and you will do things right. Show her you respect her and others by waiting, by following a law that separates the both of you. If you do this she will know in her heart that you WANT to do what is right and she'll love you forever.

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