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Undergraduate life...........

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Hey..........here is my story........

Im totaly in love with my professor, and i have NO CLUE how to tell him about it........

Its not a crush....or even if it is I totaly want to go out with him.....

How do i tell him? Im afraid of consequences.....

I think he likes me too......but u never know...what should i do?

Im dying in his class of how much i want him........

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Hi There Lipstick !


If I were you I would be very very careful here. You are going to have to spend a period of time here in the class of this professor and you can be sure that the professor would be uncomfortable with this concept.


You should really be focusing on your qualification now, and going down the road you are talking about going could seriously jeopradise your education.


Be careful


Hope this helps you some,



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Hello there,

I understand you have a crush on one of your professors, I also realize the consequences of pursuing these feelings.

The line between a student/teacher relationship in school and a romantic one is very deadset. As you have already noted, it is dangerous as you could both be kicked out of school. This could ruin his reputation and hurt his chances of employment elsewhere. It could also be very damaging to your educational career.

I suggest you really think about if this is what you want. Weigh in your mind the benefits and consequences of this and see which one outweighs the other. If you wish to let your feelings be known, then you can inform him, but with the knowledge that whatever decision he makes is final. Realize, however, that revealing these feelings can put him in a very uncomfortable position. I advice you to give this a lot more thought before acting.

Best wishes.

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well one factor could be age difference. sense it is collage you are of age which is a BIG step in the right direction. He isnt like 60 or anything is he? LoL I assume not, but if he is a proffessor he could be any age. if worst comes to worst and you do get rejected, what I would do is simple just ask him if he is still okay w\ the idea of your being his student. if not just get a transfer to a different class. if he is still okay just dont flirt anymore =p its fool-proof. the only argument the school board could have is your trying to get better grades by flirting would be totaly nullified thereforeeeee you have almost nothing to loose. go for it =D


EDITED: and one more thing do this when NOBODY ELSE IS AROUND!!! just make sure you are the only two in the room. go to his house if you have to, just make sure you keep it discreet until you know if he is okay with it or not that way you eliminate the chance of hurting his reputation.

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