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So I am thinking of ending it


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am in a relationship of six months which was really good to begin with, but now it has gone wrong because he lost his job and has distanced himself from me. I find myself obsessing over it and it's really doing my head in.


He told me we are just 'on hold' until he gets a new job, but I dunno how long that would take. Also he is insecure and thinks i am too good for him so has been ignoring me because he is ashamed that he cannot 'provide' for me.


I am just not sure if he will ever come back, and to be honest i am not sure if i want to be with him.


However, i do not want to regret it if i end it.


How should i go about deciding?

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Sounds like he's arleady decided. He's just easing his way out of it gracefully and saving face by saying its "temporary". How long can it possibly take for him to find a job?????


And why in the world do you need someone to provide for you???? As long as he's providing for himself isn't that what a partnership is all about???

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Hey girl,


I think that this happening is not a good sign for the future of the relationship. It is inevitable that you will go through difficult times at some point in life- what happened now is that you were together for a relatively short time before something major like unemployment happened. It seems that he is not willing to let you be part of this in a way- that is a red flag.


I agree with Shadows Light, it seems that he has already made up his mind about this. I'd end things sooner rather than later, or at least open up a discussion of how the future looks in his eyes.



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