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Does she really like ME?


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Hello everyone!


I met this girl in my English class yesterday and I really wanted to ask her out. The problem was i was afraid she would say no just because of my acne I really hate this, I have had it since 6th grade and now i am in 9th. My question is....Do u think she would say no right away because of my acne or would she say yes for the person I really am?


Thx in advance

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To me at least, acne does not matter. However, if your general face shape is ugly, then try and get your hair to complement your face. Then anyone can look reasonably handsome!


And nuts to the person who said 14 years old is not mature enough to look past your looks. Sure, we hae crushes on cute guys, but that don't mean we don't notice you not-so-cute guys. Right now, in fact, I have a crush on a guy who has a) acne (all over), b) glasses, c) brace and is c) bone skinny. But he's cool, and his face shape is tollerable.


So just ask! Don't be scared because of your acne, be scared only if you treat her or her friends (yes, any of her friends!!) badly, or rudely. Also, she might say no if one of her friends has a crush on you, but she won't tell you that. You'll just have to deal with it.


God, I wish someone would ask me...


P.S. If you do ask, will you post something about how it turns out? Thnx!

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I don't know I agree with INEEDAKNO, girls that age go by looks...but you never know. Get to know her better then go for it, good luck



Argh!!!! Stop saying that!!!! That is so not true! Sure, I agree witht he get to know her better, but I do NOT go for looks, and any self-respecting ninth grader would love to go out with someone who asked!


but, then again, if this girl has had a lot of boyfriends before, esp. if she is really popular and pretty, then she might say no because she is holding out for another guy. popular girls are b****y like that. but the reason she is saying no is DEFINITELY NOT because of your acne. NOT NOT NO NOT NOT NO.

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well, where i come from, girls dont rally look for a relationship...they look for a cute guy to mack on and feel up on...im not sayin gurls are immature hoes...there are some out there that act mature...but not many of them...i wish there were many of them...then i wouldnt have a problem meetin someone or actually talkn to sumone

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