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A little nervous but all of a sudden...


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I hope that i am not jumping the gun here but suddenly i am feeling like i have glimmers of myself emerging for the first time in weeks. I am starting to believe that I am going to be happy again. I can't believe it! I want to thank EVERYONE HERE this is the most supportive positive board I have ever been a part of. Everybody has been so cool, empathetic, considerate, thoughtful (deeply thoughtful) and generous with their time and responses. I hope that I can return some of the good energy which you have all provided me with.


Now i am not promising that I won't be fueled with rage, depression and misery tomorrow, what i am saying is that the clouds might just be breaking. We'll see. We'll see.

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I know exactly the feeling...not sure if you've been on NC with your ex but I do know the feeling you're speaking of.. It's as if the sun is beginning to rise over the horizon after a long and devistating storm... Soon that sun will shine, brighter than ever before and will bring back the happiness to your life once again....It's right around the corner bar35....just sit back relax...take a breath of the fresh air....and enjoy life!!!


Tha Gipp

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This is wonderful news!


I am starting to feel better as well... now ready to "own up" to my short-comings and work toward bettering (is that a word?) myself


I'm glad I have taken the time to get better and not looked for a easy way out (rebound)


I can say I am almost back to my happy single self again. Instead of mourning my ex and our problems and what could have been I'm looking forward to just "being" for a while. Just chill and not take everything so seriously. Now, will I be so happy as NOT to want to date and be in a relationship again? I think that might have been a reason why I didn't want to let go.


I'm glad I found you guys on ENA

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i'm taking a little dip down this morning, i sort of thought that might happen.


Gip i have been NC for about 2 months now. It has been super, super hard. This morning I have been thinking about her and what she does during the day, her new BF and if she is going to move in with this guy. It would be kind of weird if she did, considering that she went from me to him, but whatever.


Fortunately the thoughts aren't penetrating as deeply as they were 2 days ago.

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