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Ever have this feeling?


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Ever felt like providence will bring you back together even when everything has fallen apart around you? I felt like this a while back, it was so strange, I just had this wonderful warm feeling that I was sure we would reconcile, and I'm never sure about anything. Anyone feel like this, and if so what was the outcome?

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Yes, I felt like that several times after the breakup (and I was also NEVER sure about anything, never optimistic). Right after the breakup, I was absolutely certain that it was like a fight and not for real, that we would reconcile a few days later. We didn't.


When we still maintained a friendly relationship for a month or two, I was sure that things were back on track, that one day he'd give me a hug and a kiss and tell me he wanted me back. He didn't.


Once I started No Contact, I had several periods where I was dead certain that he'd start missing me like none other and come back to me in a few month. Guess what? He didn't.


There were also a few times when I really believed that although we wouldn't get back together anytime in the near future, some day when we're in our 30s, we would reconcile. Obviously I can't say whether or not that feeling was right, but I definitely don't feel that way anymore, nor do I want to reconcile with him in my 30s.


A lot of people on this board have described breaking up as an emotional rollercoaster. I think that's what you're experiencing right now. You'll have some really low days, you'll have some very hopeful days, you'll have some good days when you don't even think about him. After a while you'll start having many more highs than lows, and eventually this particular low will just vanish. I hope that happens sooner rather than later for you. *hugs*

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I've had that feeling all afternoon. I have this warm feeling, and a smile comes to my face. I start thinking "How could she stay away from me, I'm great!" and "Soon enough she will realize what she has lost, and she will be back." I don't think these are good thoughts, but damn do they feel good. A lot better than, "She's never coming back, and the new guy she is with is so much better for her than me."


These feelings always make me think that maybe there is "trouble in paradise" and it is some ESP that we share together that is making me feel this. More than likely it is just the Zoloft kicking in.


I'm going to go drink. Enjoy!!!

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Of course!!


Its called shock and disbelief.


People sometimes feel like that after losing a loved one. Like everything will be ok. Their death was faked, they'll be back, they're not really dead.


Went through that, but this was different, never had it before.

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I've had that feeling. It's probably dangerous. I chalk it up to my psyche trying to force me to relax and rest for a few hours. You can go pretty nuts on that emotional rollercoaster.


I think that's what triggered the feeling, being the whole thing has been quite a ride.

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