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Being the good friend

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Ok well, i told my friend that I loved them and how i felt and although I didnt get the reply i wanted I got the next best thing. The classic 'Just Friends' responce!


But, i wasn't as upset as I thought i would be. After all, I've never been WITH her so theres nothing for me to miss and i do have the definate answer to the question that plays on your mind ALL the time, so heartbroken though i might be, its in a 'happy' way.


Anyway, now i have to be the good friend that I have always been and its really hard to do now. I still love her so talking to her is easy and i suppose i have tried to "dull-down" the flirty comments a bit, but, its like I have ruined it and we can't share the same jokes as we did before, like it makes her akward or something but wont say it


I guess the worst part is "the boyfriends" that she is looking for and talking to me about! I am SO glad that she still trusts me and feels she can talk to me about getting herself a new man but i think it might take me a little while to talk about it without getting worked up and jealous.


(I DO want to be the one that she can come to and ask anything of with no fear of being rideculed or laughed at or knowing that im not going to run off and tell someone else as soon as shes gone -- But does that make a hypercrit or a bad person for sitting there and getting upset over it? I dunno?)


Ohhh i can feel something calling me ........ although, oh sod it im off to bed! Night all!

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there really is nothing you can do besides just give her the advice she asks for. its going to be hard obviously, but just try to realize that you always have a good friend in her. being bf & gf could ruin your friendship in the end. however, if you just continue to be her friend, something could change, like her feelings for you. i know that in the past when i became good friends with a guy, i've sometimes fallen for them. it could happen.

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