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not interested?


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I asked a girl out last week. We met one night got along great with lots to talk about. Anyway, she said she was busy but maybe some other time.


Thats was a week ago ,I have been kind of waiting for her to call me .I already let it be known that I am interrested, I figure she'll let me know if she wants to go out. I havent heard from her for a week. Do I ask again or forget about it.


If I do ask what should i say?

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Just call her, suck up your pride and give it a shot.... traditionally its seen that a guy chases a girl... maybe thats her expectations for a growing relationship? or maybe she is shy? either way, just by saying you're interested, doesnt really tell her that much about how interested you really are......


However, I'm not too sure on your approach to her.. you guys met? and talked... than you asked her out? and she said she was busy? or did she give you her number and you called her? or what? I'm a bit confused.. fill in a couple blanks of the story and I might rethink my initial advice...

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