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Erection too early


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How many of us guys here have uncontrollable erection? Not talking about erection in public places, etc. I am talking about when you're with your partner and just want to hug or hold her then you have an erection.


Also when about to start having sex, during the foreplay, you have an erection way before your women touch you? I think it takes the fun out of foreplay and some women do not appreciate this in both circumstances. I feel that my partner doesn't like this, woman might want to seduce a man into feeling sexually charged, not open up to find a ready-to-go product every time.


Has anyone managed to get rid of this pattern? How? It's so frustrating! Am I just unusual? I want to fix this.

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wait till your like me and cant get it up when you know your not supposed to. When I was with my girlfriend, I went to a strip club with my friends (she made me I swear) and I was getting a lap dance. I was thinking of her the whole time and the stripper was getting so pissed becuase I wasnt getting hard.

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OK, to be totally honest, I'm actually kind of getting aroused from this thread alone. Whispering in ear...ready to go....stimulation...seduce....erection....

I think I'd better call my g/f tonight (if she is still talking to me that is)


In all seriousness, the real trouble begins when you DON'T get erections - you'll dream of these days...

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You could, how can I put this, "have a little personal time" before you get together with her - that might slow things down a bit.


I've heard there is medication for this kind of thing but I'm not sure.


Or if you are in a cuddle situation then maybe try thinking of something else - quantum physics, or baseball, grubernatorial district boundries or something non sexual.


Beyond this, your g/f needs to know more about men

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"personal time"...EXACTLY.


Masterbate before you go out. That should keep the little friend at bay a bit more.


Honestly...i don't see where your problem is. I would find it very flattering if the guy has an erection because of me. It makes no difference whether i had to MAKE it happen...actually...i think i would like it more for the fact that *looking at me* and *thouching me* gets him arroused, rather than me trying to get it up.


It's not a "problem".


If your female finds it to be odd...well...masterbate. When hugging, shift her to your side instead of having her stand (or lay) centered between your legs. Be creative.


Honestly i dont like the girls who make it a big deal or have an unpleasing reaction to it (when its their boyfriend)...this speaks about their maturity level very well.

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first off, you should not be apologizing or feeling badly for getting hard in the presense of your gf.


Whether or not she wants to get sexual with you, it is normal for a guy, epecially a younger guy, to get erections that they cannot "stop" from occurring.


If it bugs her, she needs to learn more about male sexuality.

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